Meet our latest rescue, Chaparrin! He was found in Rosarito on 1/16. He was ran over by a car, sitting in the rain and cold when a good samaritan picked him up and kept him safe at home until he found medical help. Chaparrin was taken to Goumao Veterinarian in Tijuana to receive care for multiple bruises and a hurt leg. He is about 2 years old and weighs 30lbs.

The vet sedated Chaparrin (he was very nervous) and X-rays showed a fracture on his elbow and we are currently trying to get an appointment with Marquez or Gordian as soon as possible. He is taking pain meds but unfortunately not eating much but we believe is because of the pain. We are raising money additional medial care to fix his elbow as are we are searching for a new home for Chaparrin.

We are currently looking for a foster home, forever home, or just donations to help with the medical attention he deserves! Thank you!

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