Happy was found abandoned next to the shoulder of the toll road in Primo Tapia, she stayed there waiting for three days, during this time she did not move from the same place, fearful and very scared at the beginning it was difficult to gain her trust, she was in heat, despite her young age her body has signs of having gone through several pregnancies, she presented malnutrition and dehydration, but nothing serious, she has recovered physically and emotionally and is ready to join a family that loves her and gives her good care.

Breed: Carolina dog/Sheppard mix
Color: Red ginger with pale buff markings.
Age: 1.5 years
Size: medium
Weight: 35 lbs
Sex: Female

Good with kids
Very social with dogs
Tends to take the initiative when playing and is a born leader


To apply to adopt one of our rescues animals, please download and complete the application. Email to info@lasthope4paws.org

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