This beautiful, gorgeous dog by the name of Lupita, was nearly dying. She really had no hopes of survival as she was dealing with so many problems! She was starving and didn’t even have water! Julia found her the poor girl had been eating some stones to fill. Her stomach is hunger, we gave her love, medicine, all vaccinations, and treated her! She knows that she has a new life! She feels amazing and it’s a beautiful dog. She got her certificates, manicure pedicure, she has been spayed and his fully ready! She eats special food to have less protein to help her liver, but against all odds, this beautiful Lab mix girl survived!

We are looking for her forever home! She’s a sweet dog and is about two years old! Look at that now, before, and after pictures! She is so loving and sweet!


To apply to adopt one of our rescues animals, please download and complete the application. Email to

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